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We create value together with our partners

Investment Strategy

The CREON Energy Fund (Sicav-SIF) is a unique alternative investment vehicle in Luxembourg. The management team seeks to create long-term growth with maximum-return potential for our investors. While we remain geographically diversified, we concentrate our investments on industrial sectors we understand better than others. Specifically, opportunities in the oil and gas downstream and midstream with clear upside potential, as well as energy-related projects and alternative materials.

To realize best-in-class returns it is crucial to extensively collaborate with our partners

CREON Capital prefers to establish joint structures with portfolio companies or technology providers. We seek to develop tailor-made solutions dedicated to a long-term and sustainable development of the asset. This approach includes our assistance with financial structuring, operational excellence and local market expertise.

Long-term success in a globalized world requires a local presence.

We regularly evaluate more than 50 investment projects. Among them are agro-chemical plants, polymer-based product manufacturing, projects along the supply chain for LNG in Europe, and oil-waste treatment projects in Eastern Europe. CREON Energy Fund will not invest in oil and gas upstream activities or projects impacted by sanctions. We are always committed to high compliance standards and the ALFI Code of Conduct.

  • Methanol

  • Agrochemicals

  • Additives

  • Recycling

  • Engineering

  • Polypropylene

  • Small- and mid-scale LNG infrastructure

  • Polymer components for automotive

  • Specialty Chemicals

  • Equipment for oil and gas industries

  • Renewable Energiers

We focus on five areas to achieve success:

  • EPC+F provider for gas equipment

    We create joint structures with our partners to provide equipment for large oil and gas processing plants. These are specialized Engineering (E), Procurement (P) and Construction © providers, whose projects we could support with Financing (F).

  • Upscaling enterprises

    We help companies operating in emerging markets add value-locally in order to export their production. For example, we help Eurasian-based companies process oil, gas and polymers into more value-added products for export.

  • Support for SME to «localize»

    We share risks with small and medium sized companies (SME) from western countries, aiming to build local production units in emerging markets.

  • LNG Infrastructure in Europe & Asia

    We are directly involved in the development of a value chain for small- and mid-scale LNG in Europe and Asia.

  • Structuring investments

    We structure large investments in emerging markets via Luxembourg, which helps mitigate risks for our partners based in Asia and Europe.

ISIN number: LU1699969546 (Class C)

CREON Capital is a value-oriented investor. We seek to create value in Eurasia, while being part of the ongoing modernization of the industries. But as a European Private Equity manager and LPEA member, we are also committed to EU-standards of corporate governance, compliance and sustainability.