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We turn vision into reality

Corporate Strategy

We believe raw resources must be produced and processed locally instead of being shipped around the world to acquire added value. With our capability to design and develop an entire downstream and midstream gas value chain, we have developed competitive gas processing plants and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Eurasia and beyond.

CREON is ready to think ahead to identify superior project and investment opportunities for us and our partners.

When you partner with CREON, you benefit from the spirit and expertise of a well-established investment and management company. With our Private Equity Fund based in Luxembourg, we seek to co-invest with our technology partners in structures to which we direct sustainable upside opportunities. We are ready to share the financial and operational risks because our team of professionals can help our partners oversee the investment from project conception to full operation.

Only together we create value.

You contribute technology, we develop the market

This is a perfect match for those aiming to enter emerging markets with tremendous growth potential. With almost 20 years of commercial experience in Eurasia markets, we understand which solutions are needed for oil and gas downstream businesses, and also which products can be competitively exported. Currently, we focus on localizing production units for gas processing plants and refineries in Eurasia — a market where there is demand for local content for several multi-billion-projects under development.

We at CREON want to be a reliable partner for companies seeking success for their investments.

Considerable technical and commercial experience distinguishes the CREON Energy Fund from other private equity funds.

The CREON Energy Fund’s approach is distinct in the following regards:

  • Active management

    We seek to capture value by contributing active management to our joint investments. Our professional management teams ensure that «local content» requirements and other needs on the ground are appropriately met. Proper local management is crucial for the success of projects in emerging markets.

  • Collaboration with our partners

    We want our partner to be free to focus on their core businesses and expertise in order to make our joint venture a success. To achieve this, we believe close collaboration with our partner is crucial for project success. When we set up a joint venture, we first listen to our partner to address such questions as: How could they contribute to our common projects? How shall we share workloads? Where are the synergies?

  • Customized value-creation

    As a group of companies CREON is a trusted partner of many international oil & gas companies. Partners become immediately part of CREON’s wider network. We can help to arrange offtake-agreements, deal with local authorities, and creatively and transparently structure our partners’ finances.

  • Tackling complexity

    Given our long-standing experience in the oil & gas downstream industry, we are capable of tackling complex projects. For example, our team can structure large project financing models. We are also ready to identify a feedstock source for our projects. We remain patient when a value-chain for a small-scale LNG is not yet developed and we are willing to help design it.