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Our experience is your key to success

Project Management

CREON provides more than just capital. We seek to strengthen our partners by collaborating with them in joint enterprises targeting emerging markets growth. The group’s experienced project management team is capable of giving operational support. Our market specialists are always ready to contribute market intelligence, a deep professional contact network, and risk-management.

Together with patient capital from the CREON Energy Fund, an active management approach allows our partners to concentrate on the technological improvements, research and development that are their core business!

As a partner of CREON Group, you benefit from our vast experience. The Group’s professionals contributed to most of the large-scale projects in oil and gas downstream sector in Eurasia during the past two decades.

They have accrued knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

  • Project Management

    We provide comprehensive project management services, including design, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning. By proposing solutions for structuring project financing, we ensure the implementation of the project under a single management. Our approach allows us to better realize the economic potential of the project through the shortening of the terms of implementation, optimization of investments and operating expenses.

  • Feasibility Studies

    We offer a variety of modern professional tools and methods to develop the best solutions. With our expertise, we evaluate both technological solutions and economic feasibility of a project. This includes comprehensive technical analysis of technology, researching markets, and financial assessment.

  • Construction site audits

    We conduct comprehensive audits of projects at all stages of implementation. We aim to control the expenditure of the investment budget and to minimize the financial risks of our partners. This includes identifying the misuse of funds, tracking unreasonable increases in the project budgets, identifying any failure to complete the project or an unjustified departure from the project requirements.

  • Collaboration with Authorities

    We are proud of our reputation as a leading independent expert and a member of government and industry expert councils. When representing the interests of our partners, we generate support from local government by establishing the necessary operational contacts and developing an overall strategy of interaction with government authorities.

  • Risk management

    With a deep understanding of technologies and markets, we help partners identify and assess possible risks, in addition to developing and implementing a risk management strategy.

  • Market intelligence

    We have earned great notoriety for delivering independent and authoritative market intelligence on the oil, gas and chemical sectors to market participants. Through regular presentations and client feedback, we continue to expand our capabilities and deepen our knowledge. We are pleased to offer our partners access to our analytical support for their strategic decisions.

Our depth of experience prepares us to turn project ideas into success stories for our partners, investors, and our Group. We are ready to localize production units with our partners and can be proud of our contribution to the local community’s development by providing jobs and development opportunities.

CREON specialists think strategically and comprehensively, which helps to forecast project risks in advance and to solve problems.

Our longstanding and deep expertise is not limited to  Eurasia markets, but is also relevant to markets across the world. We are capable of evaluating production facilities, negotiating with local authorities on tax benefits and custom clearance, monitoring construction sites and sub-contractors, setting up business plans and financial models across the globe.

We are ready to jointly deliver projects to achieve success with our partners.