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27 April 2018

Stronger presence in important business associations

Especially in times of international tensions, it is important that the links between politics and business do not leave. The business associations in many countries are responsible for this. Creon Capital, the Luxembourg fund management company, recently joined two more business associations:

The Association of European Businesses (AEB) is the most important lobbying institution for European companies in Russia. Its members include corporations such as Alstom, BP, Volkswagen and ENI – influential long-established companies from Europe are joining forces via the AEB to work for greater legal certainty, transparency and clarity in the Russian business. Creon Capital has been sponsoring since the General Assembly in April 2018 and is involved in various committee meetings.

The Committee of Eastern European Economic Relations (“Ostausschuss”) is dedicated to business relations between German and Eastern European companies and is considered the most influential lobbying organization in Berlin. As Creon Capital also forges co-investment with German companies in Eastern Europe, membership serves to strengthen governmental relations. A delegation trip to Uzbekistan will be held in May, with a representative from Creon Capital participating.

Creon Capital is also an active member of the Luxembourg Private Equity Association (LPEA) and the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. The Fund’s General Partner Creon Energy is also member of the Belgium-Luxembourg chamber of commerce and the German-Russian chamber of commerce and industry.