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22 February 2019

CREON Group supports free-trade between Vladivostok and Lisbon

Free trade is a crucial precondition for flourishing businesses in a globalized world. This is even more important in times, when on important markets occur tendencies isolationism. For this reason Creon as a globally active group of management, advisory and investment companies, decided to support an initiative to claim free trade between Vladivostok and Lisbon.

Luxembourg-based Fund managing company Creon Capital join on the group’s behalf the German-Russian initiative. Florian Willershausen, Director Business Development, Marketing and Communications, signed an according memorandum in Berlin, together with other businessmen such as OMV president Dr. Rainer Seele and Georgiy Semenenko (Kirov Group).

The initiative “Vladivostok – Lisbon” has been founded in 2016 by a group of businessmen led by Ulf Schneider (Schneider Group). Since then, mostly German and Russian company representatives elaborated concrete proposals how trade between the Eurasian and the European economic spaces can be harmonized, how trade carriers might be reduced in order to bush trade between Vladivostok and Lisbon as suggested by Russia’s president Vladimir Putin more than ten years ago.

Both Germany’s minister of economic development, Peter Altmaier, and his Russian counterpart Maxim Oreshkin, underlined the urgency need for free trade in his speech during the annual German-Russian conference, organized by the chamber of commerce in Berlin. And particularly “the potential of cooperation between Russia and Germany has not been exceeded at all”, said Altmaier.

For Creon the German attempt for free-trade is merely one of several initiatives to which the group contributes. On March 15, Creon will be partner of the 1st Connecting Eurasia Dialogue in Brussels, hosted by the Italian initiative Conoscere Eurasia.